Parrot Openers – Entertainment, Which We Do Not Recommend

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Watch and vote for videos! However, we do not recommend such an entertainment with your parrots. Apparently there were cases of parrot cutting its tongue with sharp points of a can!!!

The winning video of December 2019 on the Parrot Video Makers FB group, which will participate in the final of the Parrot Video of The Year 2019 contest. This is the edited compilation of the winning video „Life is cool!” with Cezar and other videos on similar topic submitted to the contest of Parrot Video Makers as well.
You can vote for the original contest videos in the ‘Parrot Video Makers’ FB group .Voting for the Parrot Video of the Year 2019 is open until the 30 of January 2020. We invite you to vote!!!

Posted on 17 January 2020

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