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Umbrella Cockatoo
Posted on 1 February 2020
About the white cockatoo formerly known as the white cockatoo
Galah the Australian pest
Posted on 25 June 2016
It is a wonderful companion parrot that is hunted in Australia
All colours of Cockatoo
Posted on 24 June 2016
Are cockatoos only white?
Hand-reared cockatoo babies
Posted on 14 February 2016
Hand-feeding parrots is a replacement for their parents, not a hand-fed treat
The Fondling Cockatoo
Posted on 24 April 2014
Cockatoo especially love petting
Cockatoo shows off
Posted on 17 February 2014
The cockatoos are always trying to get attention
The longest living parrot
Posted on 7 February 2014
Can you imagine that some species of parrots live longer than humans?