Свободные полеты попугаев — не для всех

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Before you make the decision to train your parrot for free flights, consider all the advantages and disadvantages outlined in this video. Not every guardian (first part of the video) and not every parrot (from 7:10) are suitable for this. This is an extreme and team „sport”. So never let an untrained parrot outside without protection. There is one more aspect about free flight, namely its legality in terms of the Alien Species Act. In the Netherlands free flights have defended themselves in court: „Parrot Faces Court for Free Flying” https://youtu.be/EMf4M1Qp_Gw We hope to report you soon on how our Ministry of Climate and Environment interprets this act in the context of free flights in Poland.

Starring, among others, an African Grey parrot from Parrot Shop in Warsaw.

Опубликовано 25 марта 2022

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