Шлейки для попугаев

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Parrot harness is a new product on the Polish market which is gaining popularity. However, this conquering zoological markets gadget should be used with huge caution, always guided by the overriding principle of ensuring the welfare of the animal. If they are poor quality, improperly chosen or used incorrectly, they might harm the parrot.

Watch also our videos: “How To Put a Harness on Your Parrot”  and “How To Get Parrot Used to Harness”

Remember that harnesses are not meant for flying but can be used in preparation for free flights. We invite you to read the article “Parrot Harnessand Free Flight” on Parrot Blog (in Polish only)

And in the video “Parrot Harness Is Not a Backpack”  we dispel the myth about harnesses being too heavy for little parrots. We also invite you to read on the Parrot Blog “Parrot Anti-harnesses Are Like Anti-vaxxers” (in a Polish only) about what else, except for the weight of the harness, Polish anti-harnessers are driven by.

Harnesses for parrots from budgerigars to macaws can be bought in Parrot Shop in Warsaw and on PAPUGI.sklep.pl

Выступат попугаи из МАГАЗИНА С ПОПУГАЯМИ в Варшаве. PAPUGI.com.pl/ru

Опубликовано 10 декабря 2016

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