Alex the Alexandrine Parakeet in Christmassy – Hogmanay Mood

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The winning Parrot Video of December 2018 in ‘Parrot Video Makers’ Fb group which will take part in the final of the Parrot Video of the Year 2018 Competition. This promotion clip includes a part of another video with Alex which was also submitted to the competition in December “Is There Anybody Who Danced Like Me at New Year’s Eve Party?”

We invite you all to join the group and share videos of your feathery friends with us as well as vote for your favourite videos and make friends with our ‘parrot video makers’. This is the promotional edited fragment of the video. You can vote for the original competition videos in the ‘Parrot Video Makers’ Fb group
Voting for the Parrot Video of the Year 2018 has already started in the group. You can vote for winners of particular months in this post  until January 31.

Опубликовано 1 января 2019

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