Builder the Cockatiel Rebuilds His Cottage

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Просим прощения. Мы прилагаем усилия, чтобы постепенно добавлять русские переводы наших фильмов. Почти все наши видео уже имеют польские и английские субтитры, а здесь вы найдете список фильмов с русскими субтитрами.

This video is both for children and adults. It’s the compilation of videos by Lidia Sieroń submitted to the “Parrot Video of the Year” Competition in the Parrot Video Makers FB group on Cammie the cockatiel, who decided to rebuild his cottage, and after the end of work he invites his friends — Sweetie and Phillie, also cockatiels, to the housewarming. We invite everyone to join the Parrot Video Makers FB group, where you can take part in the competition, sharing your video, and also vote for your favourite videos using the ‘like’ system and make friends with ‘parrot video makers’.

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