How to Get Parrot Used to Harness

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Просим прощения. Мы прилагаем усилия, чтобы постепенно добавлять русские переводы наших фильмов. Почти все наши видео уже имеют польские и английские субтитры, а здесь вы найдете список фильмов с русскими субтитрами.

We also invite you to watch our videos “Parrot Harnesses”  and “How To Put a Harness On Your Parrot?» from which you will get to know not only how to put the harness on but also how to choose the right harness and which parrots should not be put in harnesses.

Remember that harnesses are not meant for flying but can be used in preparation for free flights. We invite you to read the article “Parrot Harness and Free Flight” on Parrot Blog (in Polish only)

And in the video „Parrot Harness Is Not a Backpack» we dispel the myth about harnesses being too heavy for little parrots. We also invite you to read on the Parrot Blog “Parrot Anti- harnessers Are Like Anti-vaxxers” about what else, except for the weight of the harness, Polish anti-harnessers are driven by (in Polish only).

We also invite you to watch our videos on free flight training “Parrots Jamboree — Part Three — Can My Parrot Also Fly Like This?” and “Free-flights Group In Australia — Part 2 Can My Parrot Fly Like That?» 

Harnesses for parrots from a budgerigar to a macaw are available in the Parrot Shop and on

In the video starring the Umbrella cockatoo from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw, Poland.


Опубликовано 15 декабря 2018

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