Jurors of the 3rd Talking Birds Championship of Poland Tell about their Parrots and their Refereeing

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Просим прощения. Мы прилагаем усилия, чтобы постепенно добавлять русские переводы наших фильмов. Почти все наши видео уже имеют польские и английские субтитры, а здесь вы найдете список фильмов с русскими субтитрами.

In view of the upcoming conclusion of the current 4th edition of Championship (deadline for application will expire on November 30), we are looking back on the previous edition. We are presenting three out of five jurors of the 3rd “Parrot Chat” 2015/16 and we are asking them what guidelines they followed when refereeing and if everybody could become a juror in our Championship.
To take part in the “Parrot Chat” fill up an entry form.

Опубликовано 30 сентября 2018

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