7th Championship 2023/24

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Masterly Arias
Posted on 20 April 2024
Cookie the singing Amazon
How Cookie Learned to Sing
Posted on 14 April 2024
Cookie the talking amazon
Why Doesn’t My Master Want to Go Home?
Posted on 9 March 2024
Picasso the Talking Cockatoo
Why Doesn’t My Mistress Want to Take a Bath With Me?
Posted on 3 March 2024
Charles the Talking Amazon
What Do You Love Me For?
Posted on 1 November 2023
Tonya the Talking African Grey Parrot
Tonya Show Your Tits!
Posted on 19 October 2023
Tonya the talking African grey parrot
So Much Tenderness in One Little Parakeet
Posted on 16 June 2023
Hedwig the talking budgie
Meowing parrots
Posted on 2 April 2023
Which parrot do you think best pretends the cat?