Terms of use

Terms of use of the PAPUGI.online website

§ 1. General provisions

1. These Terms of Use define the rules of using the website PAPUGI.online and the rules for the provision of electronic services by Parrot TV.

2. The website administrator is Parrot TV, department of Center of Exotics with its registered office in Warsaw, Trakt Napoleoński 44a, 04-809 Warsaw, NIP 521-143-21-99, electronic address: tv@papugi.online.

3. The current content of the Terms of Use is available any time by clicking on the link “Terms of Use of the service” located in the footer of the site.

§ 2. Definitions

Whenever the Terms of Use refer to:

1) Website – it means the website available on the Internet at https://papugi.online, administrated by Parrot Television;

2) Service – it means a free service provided on the Website by

Administrator for the User on the basis of the Act from 18 July 2002 on

providing services by electronic means, consisting of providing the User with access to the Content without the simultaneous presence of the parties (on a distance),

3) User – it is understood as a natural person using the Service;

4) Content – it means audiovisual materials available on the Website,

being available at the User’s request, referred to as “video on demand” (VOD).

§ 3. Provision of services by electronic means

1. The User does not bear any fees for using the Website Services.

2. The services do not require registration and login.

3. The User may play the Content unlimited number of times on a different type of

equipment that meets the technical requirements of YouTube.

4. To User using the Website may be displayed advertising materials (audiovisual, graphic, text) before, during and after using the Service.

5. In frames of the Service, the User gains access to the Content that constitutes of works

protected in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

6. The User is only entitled to use the Service for personal use.

The above means that the User does not acquire any copyrights to the Content, especially

the rights to copy in whole or in part, make changes, send and publicly play, further share on the Internet, as well as present or use the Content for commercial purposes.

7. When the User shares any content via the application form available under the link “Send us your video”, the User grants the Administrator an unlimited in time and territory, non-exclusive, free, transferable license, with the right to sub-license, to use these materials in the following places of use:

1) recording by making copies of materials and transferring materials to all kinds of media,

2) reproduction, i.e., making subsequent copies by printing, magnetic, digital and optical techniques,

3) placing copies of the materials on the market,

4) making available via the Internet,

5) incorporating materials into another work, performing and authorizing third parties to prepare studies, including alterations and adaptations of materials

6) public performance, exhibition, display, reproduction and broadcasting and

rebroadcasting, as well as making the materials available publicaly in such a way that everyone

can have access to it at any place and time.

8. In the Service it is prohibited to post any materials that are incompatible with

applicable legal law, moral or ethical standards, especially

pornographic content that calls to racial or ethnic hatred,

religious, etc., and promoting violence, phonographic and computer piracy,

and other materials of a similar nature.

9. The User using the Service is obliged to apply appropriate measures

precautions to prevent minors from accessing the Content of a

abusive, vulgar, erotic or violent nature that they may be

not suitable for minors. The content will be marked on the Website in accordance with

applicable law.

10. The Administrator does not provide a guarantee for the Services.

11. The Administrator is responsible for non-performance or improper performance of the Services in

the scope specified in the provisions of the Regulations and applicable regulations


12. Circumstances beyond the control of the Administrator, such as the failure of the User’s equipment or limitations or disruptions in Internet access, do not result in non-performance or improper performance of the Service by the Administrator.

13. In the event when the User will use the VOD material player,

the entity providing the service of access to the material in question will be

YouTube website on which the Content is posted, and the provision of this service will be based on the YouTube website regulations.

14. Internet connection costs are charged with the User according to the agreements

concluded by the User with the entity providing the Internet access service.

§ 4. Processing of personal data

Personal data of Website Users who share materials or submit a complaint using the contact forms are processed by the Administrator in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation), on the terms described in the Privacy Policy.

§ 5. Complaint’s procedure

1. The Website User has the right to file a complaint.

2. The complaint is considered by the Website Administrator.

3. Complaints should be made via e-mail to the address tv@papugi.online within one month from the date of performance of the advertised Service by the Administrator.

4. The complaint should contain at least:

1) first name,

2) surname,

3) e-mail address or address for deliveries of the User,

4) specification of the subject of the complaint,

5) description of the User’s request,

6) presentation of the circumstances justifying the complaint.

5. In order to properly consider the complaint, the administrator may request from

Additional user, other than those indicated in paragraph 4 above, the information which

considers necessary to evaluate the subject of the complaint.

6. Complaints are considered within 30 days of their receipt.

7. The Administrator’s decision on the complaint is final, which does not exclude

pursuing by the User his claims on general terms, on the road

legal proceedings.

§ 6. Final Provisions

1. The Regulations may be subjected with changes in the event of a change in the legal status or

conditions for the provision of Services by the Administrator. Information about changes to the Regulations will be announced on the Website – in a manner visible to all Users.

2. Further use of the Services by the User is tantamount to acceptance

new Terms of Use.

3. The authority competent for on-demand audiovisual media services is the National Broadcasting Council.

4. In matters not covered by the Terms of Use, generally applicable provisions of Polish law.

5. The Terms of Use enters into force on June 1, 2021.