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Here we have videos of Barred parakeets, Australian King parrots, Red-winged parrots, Kakariki, Red-rumped parrots, princess parrots and Pacific parotlets. More to come.

Princess Parrots- Aviary Birds or Pets?
Posted on 28 March 2021
Thanks to manual rearing, princesses are becoming more and more companion birds
Is This a Parrot Or a Canary?
Posted on 5 November 2020
Celadon pipit - a little singer, a wonderful parakeet to accompany
Catherine Parakeet the Little-Known Pet - Hanging like a Bat
Posted on 2 August 2019
Official name - ribbed cone - popular as a breeding bird
Red-Winged Parrot
Posted on 28 July 2018
Aviary Bird or Pet
Goat parrot
Posted on 23 July 2016
A goat or a parrot? But why the goat?