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How to Save Parrot’s Life When Pandemic Hinders Veterinary Appointment
Posted on 16 October 2020
How to give a parrot first aid
Can Parrots or Other Pets Get Infected with Coronavirus?
Posted on 31 March 2020
We ask the vet if it is safe to receive a pet from an infected person
Care for parrot beaks and claws
Posted on 17 September 2015
How to care for the beaks and claws of our feathered pets
Appropriate guardianship and parrot health condition
Posted on 11 September 2015
How to minimize the risk of illness and injury
First aid in case of parrot injuries
Posted on 23 August 2015
How to give a parrot first aid
Before Parrot Visits a Vet
Posted on 14 August 2015
What steps to take when noticing symptoms of the disease
First Signs of Parrot Disease
Posted on 5 August 2015
How to recognize a disease in a parrot
Don't  search for help on internet forums
Posted on 5 August 2015
When it comes to health matters, it is better not to look for advice on the Internet
Parrot, monkey and skunk doctor
Posted on 1 August 2015
We visit the office of Dr. Andrzej Krajewski - a specialist in animals and exotic birds