Animal Rights and Companion Parrot Welfare

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Take a view of our reflection on whether parrots can be kept singly, or only in pairs. Parrots cannot be treated as farm animals. By interacting with humans, a parrot changes its emotional needs. So there is no universal standard for the welfare of these birds. But we can only talk about welfare when the needs of both sides are satisfied.
Learn more about the roles parrots play in our lives, and how to ensure their welfare in each of these roles:
“Need to Contact or Observe and Ill-Understood Parrot Welfare”
“Taming Degree and Parrots Welfare – Which Parrots Should Not Be Tamed”
“I Won’t Give My Parrot Away Because I Love it”- How It Relates to Parrot Welfare
“Nestbox in the Cage and Parrots Welfare”

Posted on 13 December 2020

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