Care for Parrots in Summer Time – part 1

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Starring among others the Double Yellow-headed amazon from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw, Poland.
(sorry for the mistake in the video – the next our video is about the Yellow-naped one)
In the 2nd part of this video “Cage in the Open Air”  you’ll get to know if high tempertaures are dangerous for you parrot pets, how to cool them, how to feed them on boiling days and why pigeons are so dangeorus. We invite you also to watch the 1st part of the video “Parrot fly jumps and harnesses” 
as well as our other videos on parrot harness:
“Parrot harness” and “How to put a harness on your parrot?” from this video you’ll learn not only how to put a harness on your parrot, but also how to choose suitable harness and on which parrots harness should not be put.
Watch also our videos on parrot free flights:
“Parrots Jamboree – Part One 1- On the campsite”
“Parrots Jamboree – Part Two 2- Free flights’ day” 
“Parrots Jamboree – Part Three 3 – Can my parrot also fly like this?” 

Posted on 25 August 2017

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