Conures – Feeding and Care

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Along with the tips on parrot feeding you’ll get to know among others about proper feather care and correct handling of parrots.
Watch also our video “Conures Are Like Carnival” in which we try to explain what conures are and what are their characteristics, as well as the how-to video “CONURES DO NOT FORGIVE MISTAKES but This Is a Model Example of Training All Parrot Species” in which we tell about conures training as a model example of training actually all parrot species.
Watch also our former videos on conures:
“Parrots Like the Sun and Fire (Yenday and Sun Conures)” 
“How to Distinguish the Sun Conure From the Yenday Conure?” 
“The Parakeet of the Land of Seals and Penguins” (2020 remake)
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Starring various species of conures from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw.

Posted on 8 October 2020

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