Can My Parrot Fly Like That?

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In the 1-st part of the video “Get flocked” we presented the founder of the Australian parrot free-flight movement.
In this part he explains if every parrot can free fly as these from his Australian “Get flocked” group.
We also invite you to watch our previous videos about free-flying:
Parrots Jamboree – Part One – On the campsite 
Parrots Jamboree – Part Two – Free flights’ day
Parrots Jamboree – Part Three – Can my parrot also fly like this?

and as summer is just around the corner, we also invite you to watch our series “Care for Parrots in Summer Time”:
part 1 – Parrot fly jumps and harnesses 
part 2 – Cage in the Open Air 

Posted on 26 May 2018

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