Great Talker and Singer – Arthur the Amazon

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Meet the competitor of the 5th Talking Birds Championship of Poland „Parrot Chat” 2019/20 who was awarded the title of Vice-Champion, and his guardian Hedwig, and listen to them sing together. Also watch all the Arthur’s contest videos submitted for the competition:
Arthur the Singing Parrot – That’s Not a Joke!
Shows off Singing la la la to the Melody of Speedy Gonzalez
Arthur the Singing Parrot – Isn’t He The Most Musical Amazon in The World?
Arthur the Singing Parrot – “ Who Is So Pretty?” and Playing Peekaboo
Arthur the Singing Parrot Flaps Its Wings On Cue And Gives a Paw To Greet
Arthur the Singing Parrot – Always Knows What Is Good
Arthur the Singing Parrot – “Who Can Laugh Like Me?”
Arthur the Singing Parrot Wishes you a Happy Parrot Valentine’s Day
Arthur the Singing Parrot Knows How to Gather All Family Round
Also meet the Master of V Parrot Chat:

If you have a talking bird we invite you to enter the competition. Just fill in the application form on

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