Mynah – the Talking Bird

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A guest on Parrot TV – mynah bird (Gracula religiosa) from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw, Poland.
The video characterises the species. If you want to listen to talking mynahs, we invite you to a presentation of their abilities: “Niuniek the Talking Mynah – Champion of Poland”  and “Ogonek the Talking Mynah – finalist of the “Parrot Chat” 
Whereas in the video “Parrot Chat”-parrots vs mynas -that is parrots’ stage fright” we compared parrots’ and mynahs’ nature, and we explained, how it affects their abilities of presenting their skills.
Do you think of choosing a mynah or a parrot?
Read our article “Parrot or mynah?” on Parrot Blog:  (in Polish only)
Watch also the video: “Mynah Birds – Feeding and Care” 

Posted on 10 January 2016

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