Need to Contact or Observe and Wrongly Understood Parrot Welfare

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We are convinced that this video will help everyone to find their way in the parrot hobby, in which you must usually choose: the need for contact or observation. We hope that understanding this will save guardians from disappointment. Read also “ How It Really Was With Telomeres in African Grey Parrots and Why the Study Results Surprised Scientists so Much” (in Polish only).
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Edit: We are convinced that it is enough for every viewer to stimulate their imagination to find – without scientific sources – a multitude of stress causes, both in singly kept parrots and in pairs. Unfortunately, there is only this one scientific source which, of the plethora of causes, has selectively addressed only one of them – social isolation. However, since one of our viewers claims that in this video there is a lack of other causes of telomere shortening in singly kept parrots other than just loneliness, we invite everyone to watch videos that illustrate such causes and provide ways to prevent them:
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Featuring, among others, parrots from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw.

Posted on 13 January 2021

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