Parrots Scams – Part 1 – What Is the Parrot Price?

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We present the history and scheme of the so-called Nigerian scam. We make you aware of the price of a parrot and that you should have a light-bulb moment if someone offers you a parrot for free or at a bargain price. We also warn against the Polish version of the Nigerian scam and at the end we show the faces of fraudsters for you to look into their eyes.
We also invite you to the next part of this video: “Parrot scams – eggs for sale” , in which we explain why there will be no chicks from eggs sent by courier. By the way, you will learn how eggs should be properly stored before incubation.
Featuring the Double Yellow-headed amazon and Yellow crested cockatoo, as well as other parrots from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw.

Posted on 28 November 2021

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