Sing for Songbirds – break their silence

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South-eastern Asians forests are falling silent. However, bird song is heard in villages, and towns. Whole populations of endemic species are vanishing. You can break their silence by singing this song, and in order to endow the endangered species conservation campaign, you can purchase this very song for less than £ 1.
Links for purchasing:
Google Play 
Amazon Music
or go to the Chester ZOO’s website – the action organiser 

If you want to meet birds, for which funds from the song are collected, watch our video Songbirds and Talking Birds Extinction – part 2 – Silent Forest 
Watch also the 1st part of our video titled Songbirds Extinction – part 1 – Tainted Love  in order to get know the reason of their extinction.

Posted on 18 January 2019

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