Transporting Parrots – Part 2

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In the preface to the series “Crazy Rides with Parrots”  we showed you how parrots shouldn’t be carried and how crazy ideas for transporting them have some of their owners. In the subsequent part (Transporting Parrots – Part 1) we list proper and improper carriers for parrots. And in this part (Transporting Parrots – Part 2) we tell you how to transport your parrot, so as to provide it with safety and make it feel comfortable during the trip, both in winter and in summer. Here we cover subjects as:

– New surrounding and stress
– Space during the trip and stress
– Travel comfort
– “Catering” for a parrot
– How to put a parrot into the carrier
– Dangerous jumps of temperature in winter
– Where is the best place for a parrot in the car

Starring parrots from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw, Poland and from the Parrot Filmmakers FB group.

Posted on 29 June 2019

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