Why Do We Breed Parrots and Should We Reproduce Them?

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About ethics, role, significance, fashions and trends in parrot breeding, and also about Polish parrot activists who are against parrot reproduction.
We invite you to read the the polemics by Andrzej Kosiorowski with the comments which appeared under this video:
Prohibiting Parrot Breeding – Part 1 – “Reproduction Is Homelessness and Harms Parrots” (in Polish only)
Prohibiting Parrot Breeding – Part 2 – “The Lesser Evil in Parrot Welfare” (in Polish only)
Prohibiting Parrot Breeding – Part 3 – “Do Single Kept Parrots Have an Instinct to Prolong the Species?” (in Polish only)

Starring parrots from Parrot Shop in Warsaw.

Posted on 16 October 2021

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