Tip for iPhone/iPad users

Please select the “Most compatible” format for recording videos. Then the videos will be recorded directly in mp4 format, and therefore compatible with Windows, and no conversion will be needed when sharing them.

Apple has created special HEIF and HEVC formats for its devices (in the High Efficiency option), but if files in these formats are made available for Windows devices (and we download them to such), they are automatically converted to a Windows-compatible format, i.e. mp4. With this conversion, there is a very large reduction in resolution and therefore in the quality of the video.

The only drawback is that with the ‘Most Compatible’ setting you may have some limitations, such as not being able to film in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and in slow motion. But you can choose 4K with a lower frame rate. And slow motion, if needed, can be done in an editing programme.

In any case, if you need to save disk space (4K files take up a lot of space and take a long time to transfer), full HD (1080p) resolution is sufficient for us.