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Choosing a Parrot: Male or Female - Part 3 - Behavior During Hormonal Periods. Who Is a Better Pet?
Posted on 17 September 2021
Gender of a parrot for companionship in terms of behavior during hormonal periods
Choosing a Parrot - Part 1 - Imitative Abilities
Posted on 3 September 2021
Which sex talks better?
At What Age to Tame a Parrot and Which Parrots Should Not Be Tamed
Posted on 19 March 2021
We list the age limit of the most popular parrot species for which they are suitable for taming
Conures Do Not Forgive Mistakes
Posted on 11 September 2020
…but This Is a Model Example of Training All Parrot Species
How to Live with Parrots
Posted on 25 October 2019
An interview with the American behaviorist Barbara Heidenreich
How to Train Your Parrot
Posted on 18 October 2019
The methods of the American behaviorist Barbara Heidenreich
Aggression in Parrots and Wrong Training
Posted on 9 June 2019
The owners of feathered pets do not realize its weight
Hierarchy in Parrots And Do Our Pets Attempt to Dominate Us?
Posted on 11 May 2019
Remember that the parrot treats you as part of its herd
Aggression in Parrots - Hormones, Wrong Touch and Other Reasons
Posted on 22 April 2019
…and 10 Tips on How to Eliminate It
How to Touch and Pet Your Parrot
Posted on 19 April 2019
Be Its Friend, Not a Partner
Aggression in Parrots and Their Diet
Posted on 13 April 2019
How food influences the behavior of a parrot
Do Parrots Pee or Poop
Posted on 5 April 2019
…and Can They Be Taught to Do It in One Place
Are Parrots Dangerous? - Part 2
Posted on 30 March 2019
New Parrot Category
Don’t Lump All Parrots - Part 2
Posted on 2 February 2019
How Flock Behaviour Affects Your Companion Parrots
Don’t Lump All Parrots - Part 1
Posted on 26 January 2019
How Flock Behaviour Affects Your Companion Parrots
How to teach your parrot to talk?
Posted on 18 February 2018
The parrot imitates the sounds of the environment training or affection
Which parrots can be taught to talk?
Posted on 15 February 2018
4 rules for learning how to speak
Are parrots dangeorus?
Posted on 26 November 2017
3 categories of parrots in terms of safety
All parrots are lovebirds
Posted on 4 August 2017
Can these parrots only live in pairs?
The fondling parrots
Posted on 6 May 2017
Parrots need an emotional and physical relationship with humans
Why do parrots pluck their feathers?
Posted on 11 September 2016
Parrot nibbling helps us explain the parrots that have experienced it
Parrots don't have to scream
Posted on 9 July 2016
Not all parrot owners are aware of the importance of raising them
Don’t Train the Parrot-Terrorist
Posted on 30 April 2016
About the good upbringing of parrots

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