Are Parrots dangeorus?

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While watching opening titles , where a guardian is putting his fingers into the Hyacinth macaw’s bill, it may seem that parrots are completely safe. But it isn’t always like that. In this video we divided parrots into 3 categories in terms of safety. Obviously assuming that these hand-reared ones were actually properly hand-reared, and then properly trained. Proper hand-rearing was presented in our videos:
”Choosing Your Parrot – Proper Hand-Rearing” 
“Don’t Disturb the Parrot’s Nature – Proper Hand-Rearing”
and about training:
“Good manners – part 1 – how to prevent predominating by parrots” 
“Good manners – part 2 – how to wean parrot of predominating”
Unfortunately, parents-reared nestlings taken from a nest and adjusted to hand-rearing, at a push, and additionally socialised too early, already have the distorted psyche and it’s impossible to change them, so as to completely trust them.
Whereas those which were raised in aviary flocks can never be tamed to this extent to which the hand-reared are. And those which were hand-reared, and then joined with a flock, acquire flock behaviours, which also change their psyche. This concerns also parrot houses where parrots live in flocks as well. So be careful! Watch our video “Choosing Your Parrot – what Parrots not to Buy?” 
Starring, among others, parrots from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw, Poland.

Posted on 26 November 2017

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