Choosing a parrot

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Choosing a Parrot: Male or Female - Part 3 - Behavior During Hormonal Periods. Who Is a Better Pet?
Posted on 17 September 2021
Gender of a parrot for companionship in terms of behavior during hormonal periods
Choosing a Parrot: Male or Female - Part 2 - Appearance attraction and How to Tell Parrot Sex
Posted on 9 September 2021
By the way - how to distinguish between sexes in parrots
Choosing a Parrot - Part 1 - Imitative Abilities
Posted on 3 September 2021
Which sex talks better?
Special Interspecies Friendship - How Is It Possible?
Posted on 16 July 2021
5 tips how to matching parrots
Matching Parrots — Part 3 — Ways to Proceed
Posted on 3 July 2021
6 rules so that the connection is as conflict-free as possible
Matching Parrots - Part 2 - Companion of Another Species
Posted on 11 June 2021
Is a companion of another species a good choice?
Matching Parrots - Part 1-  Companion For Your Pet
Posted on 2 May 2021
We list the species and individual features that must be taken into account
Parrot Mathematics
Posted on 26 February 2021
Mistakes of the novice parrot caretaker
It Is a Crime to Sell Unweaned Parrots
Posted on 1 August 2020
An inexperienced buyer of such a parrot can run into serious problems.
Will We Murder Parrots?
Posted on 24 April 2020
Parrots in the era of coronavirus and whether parrots made of them are suitable as pets
What Parrots not to Buy?
Posted on 22 June 2018
Choosing Your Parrot
Proper Hand-Rearing
Posted on 15 June 2018
Choosing Your Parrot
Species is not All
Posted on 9 June 2018
Choosing Your Parrot
Parrot walk-through aviary in Alaska
Posted on 4 November 2017
Don't buy a parrot from a parrot shop
Three cheapest parrots - part 1
Posted on 30 June 2017
Characteristics and pet choice
Cockatiel - how to choose your pet
Posted on 10 November 2016
Not everyone knows that not every parrot is suitable for taming
How to distinguish the Sun conure from the Yenday conure?
Posted on 30 October 2016
In their youth, they are very similar to each other
Don't Buy Aviary Parrots
Posted on 8 August 2016
The word 'aviary' in the title is used figuratively. The herd is also the parents themselves and their young, even in a cage
A Parrot for a First-Timer
Posted on 12 June 2016
Which species should I choose for my first parrot?
Don’t Disturb the Parrot’s Nature – Proper Hand-Rearing
Posted on 3 June 2016
The chicks' job is only to eat and grow
Slip-ups on the Parrot TV filmset - part 2
Posted on 15 May 2016
Find out about the characteristics of the African Gray Parrot that make it not for everyone
Bugderigar - how to choose a talking pet
Posted on 23 February 2016
What features should a parakeet have, which can be tamed and will talk
Parrot Shop - unique one
Posted on 7 February 2016
How to choose a feathered friend - we visit the Shop with Parrots in Warsaw
How to recognize the best talking parrot?
Posted on 7 October 2015
How not to be deceived?

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