Will We Murder Parrots?

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This is a video about the possible fate of animals in zoos, shelters and parrot houses in the times of coronavirus. Edit: After the publication of the interview in Gazeta Wyborcza, the president of the Wroclaw ZOO issued an official statement: ——-
“With reference to the article that appeared in Gazeta Wyborcza on April 20 “DRAMATIC SITUATION IN THE WROCLAW ZOO. THE SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS CANNOT BE EXCLUDED” I would like to inform you that we are not planning to slaughter animals in the Wroclaw Zoo. During the interview with the journalist, when asked about the situation of one of the German zoos, I only stated that such things can be allowed in a very drastic case (…).”——–
Of course, we know that the Wroclaw Zoo has not yet planned slaughter of animals and President Ratajszczak told the journalist of Gazeta Wyborcza only that they “CANNOT EXCLUDE THIS POSSIBILITY” (the full audio record of the interview can be found on the internet). In the statement he issued after the publication of the interview, referring to the slaughter of animals, he used the term “WE ARE NOT PLANNING”, although we would prefer that he used the more explicit word “EXCLUDE.” But we firmly believe that such “DRASTIC CASES”, in which Mr. President “ALLOWS” the slaughter of animals will never happen in any zoo, shelter or parrot house. Information about the situation in which they found themselves has not yet hit the public. Only the shock caused by the publication of GW made us all aware of the scale of the problem. And for this we should be grateful to President Ratajszczak.
Our intention was not to question whether Wroclaw zoo “allows”, “does not exclude” or possibly “plans” slaughter. With this video, we only wanted to raise awareness of the problem of the situation of animals during the pandemic and provoke our viewers to think about it.
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Posted on 24 April 2020

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