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Conures Are Like Carnival
Posted on 29 August 2020
We explain what conures are and what their features are
The Parakeet of the Land of Seals and Penguins
Posted on 9 July 2020
Patagons are the most beautiful of the conurs
Pyrrhura conures are like macaws
Posted on 11 November 2017
Pyrrhura conures like miniature macaws
How to distinguish the Sun conure from the Yenday conure?
Posted on 30 October 2016
In their youth, they are very similar to each other
Parrots like the Sun and Fire
Posted on 21 October 2016
These two contours are reminiscent of the title elements (Yenday and Sun Conures)
Opaline Conure - a feathered jewel
Posted on 27 May 2016
Are the breeders successful in improving nature?
Monk Parakeet - Master-Builder
Posted on 19 October 2015
The monks have not settled in Poland yet, but they are getting closer
Conures Colorful as Carnival
Posted on 21 March 2014
Conures is a fabulously colorful group of parrots
Green-cheeked Conure
Posted on 19 April 2013
Meet the green-faced redhead of the opaline mutation