Conures Are Like Carnival

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This is a remake of our very old video of the same title, extended by many new contents. We are trying to explain what conures are, and about their characteristics.
In the next video, we will talk about care and feeding of conures.
You can also watch our video about training of conures “Conures Do Not Forgive Mistakes”
and videos about different species of conures:
“Parrots like the Sun and Fire (Yenday and Sun Conures)” 
“How to Distinguish the Sun conure from the Yenday conure?” 
“The Parakeet of The Land of Seals And Penguins” (2020 remake)
“Pyrrhura Conures Are Like Macaws”
“Opaline Conure – a Feathered Jewel” 
Starring different species of conures from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw.

Posted on 29 August 2020

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