Parrots in science, history, art

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How We Humanise Our Parrots in Fairy Tales and in Real Life
Posted on 6 May 2022
Human characteristics and motivations we attribute to their behaviour
A Line Dividing Two Animal Worlds
Posted on 6 November 2021
Why don't cockatoos and kangaroos live in Asia, and why do elephants or tigers live in Australia?
Hierarchy in Parrots And Do Our Pets Attempt to Dominate Us?
Posted on 11 May 2019
Remember that the parrot treats you as part of its herd
How long do parrots live?
Posted on 28 February 2016
Truths and myths about the lifespan of parrots
The longest living parrot
Posted on 7 February 2014
Can you imagine that some species of parrots live longer than humans?