Announcements of missing and found parrots

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NOTICE BOARD @PAPUZIA TELEWIZJA Think of this video as a notice board for missing and found parrots. We invite owners whose parrots are lost and parrot finders to post their announcements down below this video.
IF YOU FOUND A PARROT in your area, provide a location and describe the parrot. Do not include the number of the ring or any special features. If you are sure, you can catch it, do it so. But if you are not sure, give it up, because you can only scare it away. Observe it until the owner arrives.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LOST PARROT, please provide a comment about its species and where it flew away. Systematically browse ads about found parrots here, setting the comment filter ” From the latest “.

Posted on 8 August 2021

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