Christmas Tree for Parrots — DIY

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We show how to DIY a Christmas tree for your parrot. But for those who cannot tinker/DIY we have a proposal. Send us a video about how your parrot spent Christmas. Our tree maker will choose the video he likes best, and the Christmas tree will go to the author of the video. Everyone can submit any number of videos. We will be honoured to host your videos on Parrot TV!

How to submit your video and some tips to make your videos the best can be found under this link…

We are waiting for the videos for 10 days, i.e. till the end of 29 December 2020.
We will announce the best film on New Year’s Eve on the public FB group “Parrot Video-Makers” and we will notify by email the person who will receive the Christmas tree. You will be able to pick up the Christmas tree at the Parrot Shop in Warsaw or we will send it to a designated address within the EU.

[Edit 31.12.2020] We are happy to announce that the Christmas tree from the video has found its way to Matilda’s hands as a prize for her amazing video-reportage “Christmas with Parrots”.  Congratulations, Matilda! You are a true Parrot Video-Maker!!!

Posted on 19 December 2020

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