Don’t Train the Parrot-Terrorist

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A how-to video. Watch also our video series “Aggression in Parrots”:
“Aggression in Parrots and Their Diet” 
“Aggression in Parrots – Hormones, Wrong Touch and Other Reasons and 10 Tips on How to Eliminate This Aggression” 
“Bad Training and Aggression in Parrots” 
We also invite to watch our videos “How to Touch and Pet Your Parrot – Be Its Friend, Not a Partner”  from which you will learn how to touch a parrot, so as not to cross the border of right touch and how it affects aggression and “Hierarchy in Parrots And Do Our Pets Attempt to Dominate Us?” 

Starring parrots from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw.

Posted on 30 April 2016

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