“Lemur Rap” – Panda the Lemur & Proceente the Raper

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Black-and-white ruffed lemur named Panda, from the Center of Exotics has appeared in the clip of “Scena”, promoting “Aloha-Grill” album by Proceente & Bleiz the rappers.
Center of Exotism (the owner of the Parrot Shop) – sale of exotic animals, renting animals to movies, shows and advertisements. Panda the Lemur is in the sale offer of the Center of Exotism and is currently waiting for his new owner. Watch another video about him:

Proceente & Bleiz are owners of music labels Aloha Entertainment and Grill-Funk Records. Two total hip-hop freaks, rap veterans, habitués of Hip Hop Kemp festival agreed on merging their powers and creating an album, that’s perfect for the summer holidays. Such artists like Mr. Onte, Funk Monster, O.S.T.R., Eten and Chmurok prepared sunny, Texan-Californian beats. Album features wonderful guests, such as vocalists Jazzy, Basia Em and Cywinsky, rappers like Sarius, Ninja from Okoliczny Element, Łysonżi Dżonson and Kuba Knap. Everything is mixed by Karol “Dzieciak” Smyk, and mastered by Steve Corrao from Nashville, USA.

Posted on 23 June 2015

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