1) Please do not send us videos via Messenger or What’s up, because these applications compress files and thus severely reduce their quality.

2) The best way to share a video is through your Google Drive, sending the download link to

3) You can also share via another free cloud, e.g.

4) The easiest way is to send a video file as an attachment in an e-mail to, but whether it will reach us depends on the capacity of your mailbox. Ours is set to 500 MB. If the file is too large it may get stuck in the various gates the mail must go through on its way.

5) If the video is less than 128 MB, you can also upload it in the entry form for the Talking Birds Championship with a note in the Video Title field: “Video for Parrot TV”. We will then know that this is not a contest entry. But there you have to upload each video in a separate form. Please also be patient as you can’t see the upload progress there.


By sharing your video with us, you declare that you have full rights to it and you consent to its use on Parrot TV’s YT channel.

See also technical guidance on video quality.