8 simple tips for those who want to make their videos even better :

1) Try not to film vertically. We know this is a trend and a habit, but don’t make viewers watch your gorgeous pets as if they were looking through a keyhole. Not everyone watches videos on smartphones. Also imagine that we all have horizontally oriented eyes and therefore watching horizontal videos is most comfortable.

2) YouTube, unlike Facebook or Instagram, is often watched on laptops, but also on huge TV screens. Therefore, please set the camera resolution as high as possible. It does not have to be 4K, but full HD, i.e. 1920×1080 px is the standard nowadays. And the best file formats are mp4 or mov.

3) Please remember that hands shake, so you better rest your hands or smartphone on something. If you record yourself with a parrot on your shoulder, it is better if the camera/smartphone is held by another person. He/she will be able to set the frame better and the shot will be more static.

4) If you do not have good lighting, it is better to film in daylight, close to the window, and if possible – outside. Lower quality cameras may produce blurry videos in normal household artificial light.

5) It is better not to use zooms and panoramas, if it is not justified, because such a footage is difficult to edit, and if  it is not technically well made – it is difficult to watch.

6) And the video is best watched when the smartphone/camera stays still, and does not move sideways. Yes, there are such filming techniques, but to be able to watch them comfortably, you need a heavier camera, preferably on a rail. Traditionally, the technically best videos come out when the camera is static. It is the image we are filming that is supposed to move, not the camera.

7) We know that the radio or TV on, stimulates some parrots to talk, but try to record in silence. Videos with background music may not be usable due to track copyright. If music is essential in your video, use tracks under Creative Commons licence or from the YT audio library.

8) We prefer to receive raw files, unedited, because each file savingdegrades the video quality. This also applies to participation in competitions, but if you prefer to edit your competition video yourself, we will be happy to receive one. However, remember to edit it in line with the competition regulations.

We hope these tips have not yet discouraged you from filming.

We would be honoured to host your pets on Parrot TV!

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